This is how science explains Consciousness

What is Consciousness?

The first thing we are going to do to start talking about Conscious Awakening is to define it properly. This is necessary, since there is some confusion between consciousness and conscience, so much so that the Spanish language does not distinguish the adjective Conscious.

According to the dictionary of the RAE, a person who has consciousness (with s) is Conscious and a person who has Consciousness (without s) is also Conscious.

Such is the level of lack of knowledge and, if I may be redundant, unawareness about this subject, that there is not even an adjective of its own in our language. We do not find a term in the language to define a person who is aware of himself and his environment.

At least if we find in the RAE a proper definition for Consciousness and Consciousness, it is convenient to remember it to avoid confusion:

Conscience (without s): Knowledge of right and wrong that enables a person to morally judge reality and acts, especially one’s own. A person’s own moral or ethical sense.

Consciousness (with s): Capacity of the human being to recognize the surrounding reality and to relate to it. immediate or spontaneous knowledge that the subject has of himself, of his acts and reflections

Even this ARTEFrance & Scientifilms documentary dubbed by TVE, has translation errors to differentiate consciousness and conscience.

Scientists from all over the world study Consciousness and its origin and although many have different opinions, it seems that they all agree on some things.

  • You are not your mind. The brain produces thousands of thoughts a day and these make us feel a certain way, thoughts generate emotions and these emotions condition us in our actions, so if we are aware and able to take care and choose the thoughts that we feed in our mind, we will also be choosing our way of living and our actions.
  • The brain is permanent change and our level of consciousness modifies it.
  • The practice of meditation favors the awakening of consciousness.
  • The Ego conditions our reality. Our past experiences and traumas condition our perception of reality. The ego conditions our personality.

The awakening of consciousness makes us free, the higher our level of consciousness, the greater our freedom to think and feel and therefore to live as we wish.

Knowing ourselves, knowing how, why and why we think, feel and act is key to accept ourselves, love ourselves and be at peace with ourselves. Self-knowledge makes us happier. Mindfulness allows us to see ourselves and our environment with a different look, realizing how we think, how we feel and how we act.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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