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Complete Interview Ramiro Calle to Alejandro Guerra, about life, the human being, society and awakening, only for Searcher users.

In this interview by Ramiro Calle with Wake up Platform founder Alejandro Guerra, we talk about the human being, society, awakening and Wake up.

In the world of yoga and meditation, Ramiro Calle is a revered name, known for his spiritual wisdom and his ability to inspire personal transformation. Recently, Calle sat down with Alejandro Guerra, the founder of Wake up, in a deeply moving interview. The conversation revolved around the personal story of Alejandro, who, after hitting rock bottom due to addictions, embarked on a journey of self-discovery and created Wake up Platform to help others awaken their consciousness.

Starting from Zero:

The interview began with Ramiro Calle exploring the beginnings of Wake up Platform and how it all started for Alejandro Guerra. Through Alexander’s story, we discover that his journey began in his darkest moments. The loss of loved ones and a constant struggle with addictions brought him to rock bottom. Despite having achieved what many would consider success in life, including a top position in a multinational corporation and being an entrepreneur in multiple companies, Alejandro found himself empty and unmotivated to live.

The Tipping Point:

The turning point in Alejandro’s life came when he decided to seek help and checked himself into a detoxification center. It was there that he received a diagnosis that encompassed work, substance and sex addictions. This was the beginning of her journey to recovery and personal transformation.

The Birth of Wake up Platform:

The interview reveals that Wake up Platform was born from drawings that Alejandro began to create to better understand himself and remember important aspects of his life. These illustrations were the germ of the platform that today helps many people find their way to the awakening of consciousness.

The Awakening of Consciousness:

As the conversation progresses, Ramiro Calle and Alejandro Guerra explore the central theme of the awakening of consciousness. Calle, with her deep wisdom in yoga and meditation, shares valuable insights on how a person can disidentify from labels and social masks to discover their true essence and awaken awareness.

The interview between Ramiro Calle and Alejandro Guerra is an inspiring testimony of personal transformation. It shows how, even after hitting rock bottom due to addictions and personal losses, it is possible to embark on a journey of self-discovery and contribute positively to the world. The story of Alejandro and Wake up Platform is a beacon of hope for those seeking a deeper purpose in life and the awakening of their consciousness. The interview, full of wisdom and deep reflections, is a valuable resource for all spiritual seekers and those interested in personal growth.

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