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A journey through Yoga

In a world in constant evolution and advancement, where science and technology allow us to explore and better understand our environment, we sometimes forget the most essential aspect of existence: ourselves. We are beings who have explored the far reaches of outer space, cracked the genetic code and created technological marvels, but we have not yet made a complete journey into our own being. In this yoga documentary, entitled “Path to Self-Knowledge,” we will embark on a journey that will lead us to explore the depths of our consciousness and understand our role in the world.

The Paradox of the Modern Era

The modern era is characterized by rapid progress in all aspects of life. Science and technology are advancing at a dizzying pace, allowing us to unravel the mysteries of our planet and the universe. However, despite all these advances, we remain largely unknown to ourselves. The paradox is evident: we crave knowledge and discovery, but we forget to explore the territory closest to us, the inner self.

Lack of Self-knowledge

Lack of self-awareness is a striking lack in modern education. Despite our efforts to acquire knowledge and skills in various disciplines, we are rarely taught to look inward. The subject “self” does not exist in conventional curricula, even though it is fundamental to understanding our place in the world and achieving greater awareness.

Yoga: A Path to Self-Knowledge

In this first part of the documentary, we will explore an ancient discipline that has been at the service of self-knowledge for centuries: yoga. Yoga is not limited to physical practice on a mat, but encompasses a philosophy of life that guides its followers to a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Reflections with Nuria Schneider

Nuria Schneider, yoga teacher authorized level 2 by Sharath Jois (mysore), will accompany us in this initial reflection on the human being and self-knowledge. Together, we will explore what yoga is and why we practice it.

Yoga, as Nuria explains, is much more than physical postures. It is a practice that involves the mind, body and spirit. Through mindfulness and introspection, yoga leads us to discover who we really are and how we function in this ever-changing world.

The Path to Self-Knowledge

We invite everyone to consider self-knowledge as a fundamental part of the journey towards spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness. In a world where we are often distracted by the pursuit of external knowledge, we are reminded of the importance of exploring our inner self.

If this first episode has left you wanting more, don’t worry; we will soon publish Episode 2, which will continue to deepen this exciting journey towards self-knowledge.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people who made this documentary possible with their selfless help:

  • Nuria Schneider, for sharing her knowledge, patience and love in this project.
  • Mariángeles Lucas Sanchez, for giving us her beautiful and professional voice for the narration.
  • Cesar Jumpa, for his valuable work in photography and his willingness.
  • Holly Johnston, for her constant support and encouragement.
  • Blanca Escudero, for sharing a part of her being and her experiences.
  • To all the people on the streets of Madrid who took a moment to talk in front of the camera and help us create this documentary.

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