We don’t love ourselves, because we have no self-esteem.

Love yourself, that’s the message that Walter Riso brings us in this interview. Walter Riso is a Doctor of Psychology specialized in Cognitive Therapy.

According to Dr. Riso, having self-esteem, i.e. loving oneself, has numerous positive effects both physically and mentally.

More than 30% of the population has low self-esteem, which leads to a series of physical and mental problems and illnesses such as depression and even suicide.

In Spain, more than 2 million people suffered from depression in 2020

In Spain, almost 4 times more people die by suicide than by traffic accidents, but this is not talked about, very little is done.

Some 4000 suicides in 2020 What is happening to us? Why are we a society without self-esteem? There are several factors that cause people to lack self-esteem and Walter Riso mentions some of them.

  • We have not been taught: We have no emotional education, and those who have educated us, our parents, do not know anything about emotional management either.
  • We do not know each other. There is no self-knowledge, and therefore we cannot love what we do not know, so we are unable to love ourselves and others. There is nothing more difficult than loving someone who does not love himself.
  • self-esteem pyramidThe Internet and social media are empowering life outward, so we look for our value outside of ourselves. Showing “happy lives” on social networks is showing the “things that make us happy”, and perfect bodies (with filters and tricks), which unconsciously pushes us to want those bears to show them to show our “happiness”.
  • Consumerism and the culture of having. If you don’t have it, you’re not worth it. What the environment, society, advertising, television and social networks tell us is that we are not worth anything on our own, we need to have things that are outside of us to have value.
  • You are worth what your physique is worth. The age of the gym and appearance. If you don’t have a good body, you have no courage.

It’s not about punishing yourself with all this, it’s not about condemning yourself for doing all these things, it’s about being conscious and starting to act feeling good about what you do. Having coherence between the things we think, say and do, makes us sleep well every night and we can start with small changes, stopping some habits that do not feel good. Remember, if you change, everything changes.

If you want to know in a practical way how to heal self-esteem, do not miss this article .

Self-esteem, according to Walter Riso, is the positive evaluation we have of ourselves as human beings. In other words, it is the opinion we have about our own worth, our capabilities and limitations, our self-image and our way of relating to others.

Riso emphasizes that self-esteem is not something innate, but something that is built and modified throughout life through our experiences and relationships with others. He also points out that self-esteem is not something static, but can fluctuate according to the changes and situations that arise in our lives.

The author also stresses that healthy self-esteem involves a balance between self-esteem and respect for others, and that low self-esteem can lead to emotional and behavioral problems, such as depression, anxiety, insecurity and emotional dependency. Therefore, Riso believes that the development of adequate self-esteem is essential for a full and satisfying life.

Be aware, know yourself and love yourself.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and start thinking for yourself.

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