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In this interview, Rafa Puertas talks about how society is lost because it cannot find the meaning of life.

The search for purpose and meaning has been a constant in human history. However, in the contemporary era, that search seems to have intensified. Rafa Puertas, the acclaimed founder of Intervida and Konconsciencia, offers a profound perspective on how modern society is often disconnected and in a constant search for meaning. But why does Rafa Puertas feel that our society is lost?

1. Disconnection with the Human Essence:

According to Rafa Puertas, we live in a time where speed and consumption take us away from our true essence. We often get carried away by the superficial, forgetting to cultivate and know our true selves.

2. The Rise of Technology and the Lack of Self-Awareness:

While technology has brought with it numerous advances, it has also intensified the sense of alienation. For Puertas, the key lies in self-knowledge. If we don’t take the time to look inward, we get lost in the vast digital ocean.

3. The Eclipsing of Authentic Values:

Rafa Puertas points out that our society often values external and material success more than internal and spiritual well-being. This distorted hierarchy can lead to a vacuum of purpose.

4. The Performance Society and Lost Authenticity:

In Puertas’ words, we live in a performance society where we are expected to be the best at everything. This takes us away from authenticity and pushes us into roles and expectations that do not always resonate with our true selves.

Recovering Meaning in Modern Society According to Rafa Puertas:

Although Rafa Puertas’ perspective on modern society may seem bleak, he also offers solutions and hope:

  • Self-knowledge: It is vital to take the time to reflect and connect with oneself. Puertas emphasizes the importance of this inner journey to find authentic purpose.
  • Real Values: Reconnecting with authentic values and focusing on love, compassion and unity can lead us to a path of meaning.
  • Deep Connections: Despite digitization, Puertas suggests seeking deep and authentic human connections.
  • Living in Authenticity: According to Puertas, the key is to be yourself. It is essential to cultivate and honor our human essence and not betray who we are in essence.

Through Rafa Puertas’ reflections, we become aware of the challenges of our modern society. However, we also find a path to hope and the rediscovery of the meaning of life. By focusing on self-knowledge, authenticity and real values, we can find our way through the chaos of modernity.

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