Life is too short not to be who you really are

Life is Short – Angelina Jolie

Life is too short not to be who you really are, is the message and life reflection Angelina Jolie left in an interview.

As she says in her own words, “When I see people living fully who they are, who they honestly are, people who believe what they believe and stand up for it, I know that’s right.”

To know who you are, self-knowledge comes first, you must first know yourself. The process of awakening of consciousness makes you discover yourself and become aware.

“And when I see people trying to be something they are not, or not telling their whole truth, I feel very uncomfortable for them. “I think life is very short indeed, and there is no time to be small or selfish or distracted by material possessions, cruelty or opinions.”

Life is too short not to be who we really are, throughout life we become a character of ourselves, losing our identity and our essence. Life is too short to be an idiot, to live outwardly without valuing what is inside.

We live in a permanent wheel of thoughts generated by our mind (ego), which trap us and do not allow us to see ourselves or pay attention to what really matters, life is too short to waste it on material and superficial things .

The awakening of consciousness gives us that look at ourselves and the environment in a more conscious way, realizing who we are, how we think, how we act.

We live as if we were not going to live forever without realizing that our passage through life is fleeting, life is short.

“You have to be fully who you are, know your voice and stand up for it.” Angelina Jolie

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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