There are 3 Levels of Consciousness

These are the levels of consciousness according to Rosa Domingo

The path to consciousness passes through three levels

Most of us live our lives without being fully aware of who we really are. In this revealing interview with writer Rosa Domingo, we will explore the depths of consciousness and how we can become more aware of ourselves in a world where we are often lost in the masks we have created. Discover how the journey to consciousness can transform our lives and lead us to greater peace and harmony with ourselves and our environment.

The Different Levels of Consciousness

The interview begins with an insightful observation: there are different levels of consciousness, and most of us are not aware of them. In Rosa Domingo’s words, many times we are so identified with the mask of the personality we have created that we are not able to see it. To be conscious means to realize the character we have built and stop identifying ourselves and reacting from it. Instead, it allows us to look at it from a broader perspective, like an actor looking at the character he plays in a movie.

The author explains that throughout life, we experience three levels of consciousness:

Pre-consciousness level

This is the level at which we begin to build our personality based on our experiences and influences during childhood. At this stage, we are shaped by the circumstances around us and the people who care for us.

Personal Level

Most people spend most of their lives at this level. We have built a personality, a mask, and we identify deeply with it. Often, we get to the point of believing that we are the character we have created of ourselves. This identification can be so strong that we do not question who we really are, and we behave according to the image we have constructed.

Transpersonal Level

In this phase, we experience an awakening of consciousness. We realize that we are not the image we have created of ourselves, nor the mask behind which we have hidden. Instead of being trapped in our own personality, we become conscious and have the opportunity to look critically at what we have created. This is the starting point to know ourselves in a deeper and more authentic way. It allows us to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and our environment.

The Freedom to Be Conscious

Being conscious implies feeling the freedom of not being trapped by our own personality. We often live in a society that criticizes personality change, condemning what it considers “character changes”. This fear of personality change is one of the causes of our discomfort, stress and feeling of emptiness. However, life itself is a process of constant change, as is the nature that surrounds us. Our personality must also be flexible and adaptable.

The author reminds us that life is change, and our inner being can and must also change. The journey towards consciousness frees us from the cage of our own personality, allowing us to awaken to a more authentic and fulfilling way of life.


The interview with writer Rosa Domingo invites us to explore the levels of consciousness and challenges us to be more aware of ourselves in a world full of distractions and masks. As we embrace the path to consciousness, we discover the freedom of not being trapped by our own personality. It allows us to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

So, are you ready to become more self-aware? Ready to explore who you are beyond the mask you’ve created? The path to mindfulness can be challenging, but it is also a deeply rewarding journey to a more authentic and meaningful life. Wake up and start your journey today.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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