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Full Interview to Javier Peña, Acrylic Artist and Founder of Fika & Co , only for Search Engine users

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In this interview, Javier Peña talks about how he completely changed his life after a process of awakening after hitting rock bottom and living according to his instincts and intuition.

Awakening awareness can open doors to a more authentic and rewarding lifestyle. An essential part of this journey involves learning to trust instinct and intuition, allowing us to make decisions based on our inner voice. In this article, we will explore how to live following instinct and intuition after the awakening of consciousness, inspired by the story of Javier Peña, founder of Fika & Co, who left his job in construction to immerse himself in the world of painting and fashion.

Awakening Consciousness and Personal Transformation: Awakening consciousness is a process of deep self-discovery that leads us to question our beliefs and life patterns. As we gain clarity about what we really want and need, our decisions are based on a deeper understanding of ourselves and our authentic aspirations.

The Importance of Following Instinct and Intuition: After awakening, learning to follow instinct and intuition can be a path toward making decisions more aligned with our true essence. Javier Peña’s story serves as an inspiring example of this philosophy. Leaving his job in construction to explore his passion for painting and fashion, he followed his intuition and found a path that led him to a more meaningful life.

Javier Peña: A Success Story in Intuitive Living: Javier Peña, founder of Fika & Co, is a living example of how the awakening of consciousness can drive significant changes. By listening to her instinct and following her passion for painting and fashion, she was able to create a successful brand. His story reminds us of the importance of pursuing what we are passionate about and how living according to our intuition can lead to amazing results.

Taking Calculated Risks: Following instinct and intuition does not mean making impulsive decisions without considering the consequences. Instead, it’s about taking calculated risks based on a deep understanding of what drives us internally. Javier Peña, upon leaving his stable job in construction, evaluated his passion and vision, which allowed him to take action with confidence.

Walking Towards Authenticity: Living by instinct and intuition leads to an authentic life. By aligning ourselves with our passions and values, we experience a deeper sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Like Javier Peña, we can find a path that resonates with our identity and achieve rewarding results.

In conclusion, Javier Peña’s story illustrates how living by instinct and intuition after the awakening of consciousness can be transformative. By listening to our inner voice and making decisions based on a deeper understanding of ourselves, we open the door to a more authentic and meaningful life. Like Javier Peña, we can find the courage to pursue our passions and create a path that reflects our true essence.

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