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In this interview, Paz Calap, tells us about her process of awakening consciousness and how we realize that life is something else after awakening.

We live in an era of information and disinformation. From a young age, we have been inculcated with beliefs, expectations and narratives about what life is and should be. However, the renowned coach and Mindfulness expert, Paz Calap, proposes a revolutionary perspective: life is not what we have been told. By awakening our consciousness, we find a much deeper and more authentic understanding of existence. But what changes does this awakening bring?

Life Before Awakening

Before this revelation, many of us lived under predetermined schemes: study, get a good job, raise a family, reach certain standards of success, and eventually retire. These charted paths, while comfortable and predictable, often limit our ability to explore, question and discover our true essence.

The Impact of Conscious Awakening

The awakening of consciousness is like opening a window in a dark room. Suddenly, everything is illuminated and we see what was hidden before. According to Paz Calap, this process brings about fundamental changes:

  1. Self-knowledge: We begin to understand who we are beyond labels and social expectations. This leads to greater authenticity in our actions and decisions.
  2. Renewed Relationships: With a clearer understanding of ourselves, our relationships are transformed. We seek deeper and more meaningful connections.
  3. Re-evaluation of Priorities: What was once essential, such as status or consumption, may lose relevance to values such as connection, creativity and personal growth.
  4. Connection with the present: Mindfulness practice roots us in the present moment, allowing us to enjoy the little things and reduce stress and anxiety.

The New Definition of Life

After awakening, we understand that life is not a series of boxes to check. It is an adventure of discovery, growth and connection. Paz Calap invites us to question established narratives and define our own version of success, happiness and purpose.

The awakening of consciousness is a transformative journey. It takes us beyond what we have been told and allows us to discover the magic and depth of life. As Paz Calap teaches us, it is an opportunity to live with authenticity, passion and purpose.

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