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Complete Interview by Patricia Barlolome, only for Search Engine users

In this interview, we hear the Inspiring Story of Jero Garcia, Former Professional Boxer.

In this interview with Patricia Bartolome, we explore crucial topics such as fertility, human consciousness and the power of self-knowledge. Patricia shares her story of personal transformation, a journey that began when her body became paralyzed at age 23 and how this episode marked the beginning of her quest to understand how past emotions and traumas can manifest in the body. Patricia points out the highlights of this interview and offers valuable insights for those seeking to better understand the connection between mind, body and fertility.

Discovering the Power of Self-Knowledge

One of the highlights of the conversation with Patricia is her personal experience of paralysis at age 23. Patricia tells us how this experience led her to a deep reflection on the relationship between body and mind. It was the starting point of her journey towards self-knowledge, where she began to discover that the emotional tensions and traumas of her past with her father were manifesting in her body in surprising ways. This finding prompted her to explore the vast world of self-knowledge and body awareness.

The Importance of Emotional Awareness

Patricia’s story highlights the importance of being aware of our emotions and how they can influence our health and well-being. Stress, anxiety and unresolved emotions can manifest physically, which can have an impact on fertility and overall health. Patricia reminds us that understanding and addressing our emotions is essential to maintaining optimal balance.

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