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In this interview, we hear the Inspiring Story of Jero Garcia, Former Professional Boxer.

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Born and raised in the Carabanchel of the late seventies, Jero García is a remarkable example of self-improvement who shared his exciting story in an exclusive interview with Alejandro Guerra, the founder of Wake Up.

From a childhood marked by the influence of one of the most important drug markets of his time to an adolescence that could have led him down a rebellious path, Jero made a courageous decision. He opted for sports as an escape from the temptations of crime, alcohol and drugs that lurked in his environment.

Despite leading a life of conflict and trouble, Jero found in contact sports a way to channel his energy and set clear goals. With no financial support, he struggled to pay for his training, working tirelessly cleaning windows and delivering merchandise. His routine included working in the morning, teaching in the afternoon and training at night.

Becoming a parent changes everything

Surprisingly, at the age of twenty-two, Jero became a father, which, as he tells us in the interview, changed his life completely. He became Spanish champion in boxing, kickboxing and full contact.

Maintaining his responsibilities as a family man, Jero also ventured into international competitions, all while balancing his life with jobs that allowed him to support his household. Consolidated as an elite athlete, he also became a boxing coach and began working with children and adolescents.

Fighting Bullyng

In the first decade of 2000, he opened his own gym and founded the “Jero Garcia Foundation”, which is dedicated to helping integration through sports, providing scholarships and training to children at risk of exclusion or with behavioral problems.

In addition to his love for sports, Jero is also passionate about movies and acting. He became an actor trainer and worked with renowned artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Roberto Álamo, Natalia Verbeke and Hugo Silva. In his constant search for self-improvement, he ventured both on the big and small screen, participating in films such as “A golpes” and series such as “La fuga” and “La que se avecina”.

During the interview with Alejandro Guerra, Jero shared details about his new book, “Cola de Lagartija”, which tells the story of a boy who overcomes obstacles in life through boxing and its values. He also highlighted his experience as an expert in dealing with adolescents and his commitment to the fight against bullying through his Foundation. Jero emphasized that 1 in 4 children in Spain suffer from bullying, but unfortunately, the administration has not taken effective measures to address this serious problem.

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