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In this interview with the Anti Guru’s Roncón, Isabel Salama and Roberto Whyte talk about how she began to discover herself through the personality enneagram.

The road to self-discovery is a journey full of introspection and learning. Often, it is through our experiences, traumas and upbringing that we come to know ourselves better. A powerful ally in this journey is the Enneagram of Personality, according to the expert in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Isabel Salama.

Our Lives as Keys to Self-Discovery

Our life experiences and traumas can provide unique insights into our personality and character. These events, although often difficult, can reveal our strengths and weaknesses, fears and ways of handling adversity. Rather than shying away from these experiences, Dr. Salama proposes that we confront them and explore what they can tell us about ourselves. This self-knowledge will allow us to grow and improve as individuals.

The Importance of Education in Personality Formation

The education we receive at school and from our parents also plays a crucial role in our self-discovery. These early formative experiences can influence our values, beliefs and behaviors. Recognizing and understanding these influences can help us better understand who we are and how we interact with the world.

The Enneagram of Personality: A Tool for Self-Knowledge

The Enneagram of Personality is an ancient system that provides a deep understanding of human behaviors and motivations. According to Dr. Salama, this enneagram is an effective tool for self-exploration and personal development. It consists of nine distinct personality types, each with its own patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Identifying our Enneagram type can offer valuable insight into our strengths and weaknesses, fears and desires. In addition, by better understanding our type, we can work to overcome unhealthy behavior patterns and develop more constructive strategies for thinking, feeling and acting.

Connecting the Dots: Life Experiences, Trauma, Education and the Enneagram.

Self-discovery is a synergy of many facets of our life. Our experiences and traumas can be reflected in our enneagram type. In turn, the education we receive can influence how we interpret and manage our Enneagram type.

For example, if we were raised in an environment where we were taught to prioritize the needs of others over our own (as might be the case in an Enneagram type 2, the Helper), we might find challenges in self-care and setting healthy boundaries. By recognizing these patterns, we can begin to implement changes and grow in healthier ways.

Conclusion: A Journey Towards Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is a lifelong journey. Experiences, traumas, education and the Enneagram of Personality are valuable tools on this path. They offer us a deeper insight into who we are and how we can grow and change.

Through the exploration of our experiences and the Enneagram, together with the understanding of the education we have received, we can get to know ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways, as suggested by Dr. Isabel Salama.

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