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In this interview, Antonio Lozano, author of the book “The Wisdom of Not Knowing” talks about how science and metaphysics or Neuroscience is going faster and faster and is reaching conclusions that spirituality reached 2000 years ago.

Science and Spirituality: Convergences According to Antonio Lozano

The journey of knowledge has been a constant search to understand the essence of reality. Traditionally, science and spirituality have been considered separate paths on this journey. However, in “The Wisdom of Not Knowing”, Antonio Lozano reveals how these two domains, along with metaphysics, are converging towards surprisingly similar conclusions. Based on Lozano’s thinking, we will explore how these fields are redefining our view of the world.

1. The Depth of Not Knowing

For Antonio Lozano, the essence of wisdom lies in recognizing what we do not know. Both science and spirituality have reached a point where they accept that there are fundamental mysteries beyond our current understanding. This admission of ignorance is, paradoxically, the beginning of a profound understanding.

2. Conscience: Meeting Point

Consciousness, that elusive phenomenon that allows us to be conscious, has been a focus for scientists and mystics alike. While neuroscience explores the brain mechanisms behind consciousness, spirituality sees it as a manifestation of the soul or higher self. Lozano suggests that both approaches are revealing different facets of the same jewel.

3. Intertwined Reality

Quantum theories of science have revealed a universe where particles are intertwined, where the observer and the observed cannot be clearly separated. These ideas resonate with spiritual teachings that speak of the oneness of everything, how we are all connected in a cosmic fabric. Lozano sees in this an exciting convergence between science and spirituality.

4. Search for Meaning

While science seeks to understand the “how” of the universe, spirituality has focused on the “why”. However, according to Lozano, the two are reaching a point where these questions are intertwined. The search for meaning and purpose is inherent in human nature, and both science and spirituality are offering complementary answers.

Antonio Lozano, through “The Wisdom of Not Knowing”, offers us a bridge between two worlds that seemed distant. Science and spirituality, far from being opposed, are converging toward a unified worldview. This shared understanding invites us to look beyond labels and embrace a more holistic and enriching understanding of reality.

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