How to Live with Anxiety – Chris Evans

How to live with Anxiety according to Chris Evans

Chris Evans, the well-known Hollywood Actor, suffers from anxiety.

Living with anxiety and living with permanent fears and in the case of Chris Evans, living with fear is making him awaken consciousness and be aware of himself.

We do not know how to live with anxiety.

As with Chris Evans, anxiety and fear are growing every day in society and in each of us. Only less than 7% of the population is diagnosed, but the number of people suffering from stress affects 50% of the population in developed countries.

Both anxiety and stress have similar patterns and the same origin, fear. We live with permanent anxiety, fear and uncertainty about what will happen tomorrow and that has an impact on the way we feel, our mental and physical health.

In this video, we watch as Chris Evans talks openly about his anxiety and what he does to live with it.

Practices such as Yoga or Mindfulness are becoming more and more common and fundamental when it comes to fear, stress and anxiety.

The mind generates hundreds of thousands of thoughts every day and a lot of them have to do with anxiety, insecurity and fear, so if we let it work and we are not able to stop it, these thoughts will be provoking negative emotions in us. permanently. Our mind generates them involuntarily and sabotages us, hence, self-sabotage of the mind can be a daily torture.

Chris Evans tells us how to overcome anxiety, there are several aspects and practices that are important to live with anxiety and fear:

You are not your mind.

Our mind sabotages us and triggers thoughts, but it is not us, it is what is called EGO, that part of the mind that embitters our existence and makes us live in our minds. The ego is natural and necessary for the survival of the human being, but if we are not aware of it, it can make our existence bitter.

Being here and now. Our EGO, that is, our mind, It takes us out of the present moment, either by going into the past to judge what we have done or not done or by going into the future, to project where we should be or who we should become. When this does not happen, when things do not happen as we expected, we become frustrated, upset and sad.

Self-knowledge. As Chris Evans himself comments, he has read a lot of Eckgar Tolle, the book “The Power of Now” has served him well. Chris also attends therapy to get to know himself better.

Being aware of this is what gives you the awakening of consciousness, is to know oneself to look inside, to understand how we function, how the mind works, our ego and the effects they have on our emotions and our actions. These effects are the basic pillars of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

Wake up

Wake up!



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