How to know yourself: Ramiro Calle

Know yourself

In this conference, Ramiro Calle tells us how to know yourself. They keep repeating the message over and over again, but…

How can I know myself?

Ramiro Calle is a yoga teacher and has published numerous books on spirituality. In this video he talks about the keys to know yourself. To know ourselves, we must stop looking outside to start looking inside. Self-knowledge is a journey, a process that basically consists of looking at oneself in order to understand and love oneself.

Observation is key, we must observe ourselves, observe how we think, how we feel and how we act in order to question everything.

Throughout life, we develop our personality (ego), based on experiences and traumas that give rise to our beliefs. To know ourselves we must make a stop on the way, stop and observe ourselves in order to know ourselves. To know oneself is to realize that one is not in essence, but a character of oneself created over time.

When we know ourselves, we are able to recognize and dismantle the ego, that character we have become to wake up and begin to see ourselves and our environment in a more conscious way.

The awakening of consciousness allows us to have inner peace, to live in the moment without judgment, suddenly we begin to live a more conscious and serene life, without stress, anxiety and fear.

Meditation is the most powerful tool to get to know ourselves and to awaken our consciousness and our spirituality. Meditation is a daily exercise of putting focus and training the mind to be able to put our attention on what we say and in this case, to put attention on ourselves.

Practicing meditation every day and mastering it, gives us the inner peace we are looking for because we stop depending on the earthly to live inwardly, it gives us the feeling that everything is fine, that nothing else is needed.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

Wake up

Wake up!

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