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Educating our children is a complex process that requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of parents.

To raise our children properly, we must find the right balance between setting clear rules and limits and showing love and affection. In this article, we will talk about how to educate with love according to Luis Gutiérrez Rojas, a doctor specialized in Psychiatry and author of the book “La Belleza de Vivir” (The Beauty of Living).

Who is Luis Gutiérrez Rojas?

Dr. Gutiérrez Rojas is a recognized specialist in psychiatry, with an extensive academic and professional career. His academic achievements include his doctorate in psychiatry from the University of Granada, obtaining the degree of Doctor cum laude and the Extraordinary Doctorate Award in 2011.

He also has extensive training in the field of psychiatry, including a Master’s Degree in Psychopathology and Health from the UNED, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Trials from the University of Seville, a Specialist Degree in Forensic Psychiatry from the UNED and a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric Emergencies from the University of Alcalá de Henares.

Dr. Gutiérrez Rojas is a professional committed to mental health and has held various positions in associations and committees, highlighting his work as a Member of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health and as President of the Andalusian Group for the Study of Bipolar Disorder (GETBA).

The importance of education with love

According to Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Rojas, education with love is fundamental for the emotional and psychological development of children. When children feel love and affection from their parents, they have higher self-esteem, are more self-confident and are less likely to develop emotional disorders in the future.

Education with love is also about setting clear limits and rules for children. When parents set clear rules and boundaries, children feel safe and secure, and understand what is expected of them. However, it is important that these boundaries are set with love and not with anger or authority. Parents should explain to children why these rules and limits are set and be consistent in their application.

Dr. Gutiérrez Rojas also stresses the importance of open and honest communication in education with love. When parents listen to and respect their children’s opinions and feelings, they teach them to communicate effectively and to understand and respect the feelings of others. This allows them to build healthy and meaningful relationships in the future.

How to educate with love

To educate with love, Dr. Gutiérrez Rojas offers the following advice:

  1. Show love and affection every day: Children need to feel loved and valued every day. Show them your love through hugs, kisses and affectionate words.
  2. Be a role model: Children learn more from what they see than what they hear. If you want to teach your children about love and empathy, you must be a role model for them.
  3. Set clear boundaries: Children need clear limits and rules to feel safe and secure. Set clear and consistent boundaries, and explain to your children why these rules are set.
  4. Listen to and respect your children’s opinions and feelings: Open and honest communication is fundamental to a loving upbringing. Listen to and respect your children’s opinions and feelings, and teach them to do the same for others.
    1. Offer choices: Children need to learn to make decisions for themselves. Offer choices and allow your children to make decisions about their own lives, within established limits.
    2. Be consistent: Consistency is key in education with love. Children need to know that they can trust parents to follow through on what they say and follow established rules.
    3. Use positive reinforcement: Instead of focusing on punishment, use positive reinforcement to motivate your children. Praise and reward your children when they behave well and do things correctly.
    4. Be patient and understanding: Parenting can be stressful and challenging at times. Be patient and understanding, and try to understand things from your children’s perspective.

Ultimately, nurturing with love is fundamental to the emotional and psychological well-being of children. To educate with love, parents must find the right balance between setting clear limits and rules and showing love and affection. The advice offered by Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Rojas, author of the book “La Belleza de Vivir”, can help parents raise their children in an effective and loving way. Show love and affection every day, be a role model, set clear boundaries, listen to and respect your children’s opinions and feelings, offer choices, be consistent, use positive reinforcement, and be patient and understanding. With these tips, parents can effectively and lovingly raise their children and help them develop healthy and meaningful relationships in the future.

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