The purpose of life is to live it

Live life intensely

You have everything but you are not happy, because you believe that happiness is getting and having things.

This is the reflection that Sadhguru invites us to make.

We spend our lives pursuing the goals that, according to society, our environment, friends, family, should make us feel good, feel full, feel happy, however, despite achieving our goals or even surpassing them, we feel empty .

The key is to realize that to be happy in life, the important thing is not the objectives or goals themselves, but the experience of reaching them, enjoying the journey. The change of focus to fill our life from within and not with things from outside, to not feel unhappy with a life full of things but without happiness, without desire or motivation to live.

From the time we are born, we are under pressure to achieve goals, which once achieved, supposedly will make us have a happy life: Study, get a job, get money, status, partner, children…..

But why is it that despite achieving my goals, I don’t feel happy?

Life should not be constant suffering, anxiety and stress to achieve goals imposed by the environment, but enjoy the little things with all your senses. We do not feel grateful for what we have, but live in a relentless pursuit of material things and superficial goals.

According to Sadhguru, if you feel that you are not happy in life, perhaps you should take a break to appreciate all that you have and give thanks and understand that it doesn’t matter how many things you have or goals you achieve, if you are not happy with yourselfno amount of things or goals you achieve will ever make you happy.

In this video we clearly see the reflection about life, happiness and feeling empty, in a conference given by Sadhguru to a group of young university students.

The awakening of consciousness consists of realizing that the life you lead is not what makes you happy, the character you become is not yourself. We realize that the meaning of our life does not make us happy and we need to give meaning to life in order to live fully.

Life is a combination of time and energy: We cannot stop time, it passes relentlessly for all of us. You decide in which energy level you want to live your life. In terms of energy and intensity, you decide how to live life. Enjoy the journey, watch the road, savor life. Life is time and energy, don’t waste your time and live it at the highest level of energy.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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