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The Tenth Guided Meditation: Reducing Anxiety

The fast pace of life in our modern society has made anxiety an unwanted companion for many of us. Fortunately, there are techniques and tools that give us the opportunity to find calm and inner peace, even in the midst of daily chaos. One such tool is the “Wake Up” guided meditation. If you find yourself looking for an effective way to cope with and reduce anxiety, you’re in the right place.

The Importance of Conscious Breathing

It all starts with breathing. Often, we underestimate the power of a simple inhalation and exhalation. In the “Wake Up” meditation, the first step is to focus on our breathing. By taking a detailed tour from the nose, feeling the fresh air, passing through the throat and filling our belly, we connect with the present. This immediate connection with the “now” is essential to distance ourselves from the worries that often generate anxiety.

Three Essential Practices for a Serene Mind

1.Anxiety Weight Visualization:

We have all felt that oppressive weight on our chest at some time or another. But what happens if we confront it directly? By visualizing that sensation, either by giving it a specific color or by imagining it as a vapor, we begin the process of liberation. With each breath, the smoke or vapor dissipates, leaving behind the pressure and allowing us to feel lighter.

2. The Power of Words:

“All is well.” This phrase is not just a set of words, it is a powerful mantra. By repeating it, we send a direct message to our subconscious, reaffirming that, in this present moment, everything is in order. We are not trapped in past mistakes or anxious about the uncertain future. At this exact moment, everything is fine.

3. Disconnecting from Mental Noise:

Our mind is a hotbed of thoughts, many of which are of no use to us. By visualizing how our head opens and those thoughts are released to the universe, we facilitate a process of mental cleansing, leaving space for clarity and calm. Imagine that feeling of peace, similar to a calm lake with crystal clear waters.

Meditation is a Journey, not a Destination

It is essential to understand that meditation is a continuous practice. If there are days when you feel like the anxiety hasn’t subsided as much as you’d like, that’s okay. Self-compassion is key. Accept where you are on your journey and remember that each session is a step towards self-knowledge and well-being.

We are waiting for you!

This meditation is a resource you can use whenever you need it. And if you wish to share or learn in community, we invite you to join us every Tuesday at 7:30 pm. Strengthen your practice and connect with others seeking the same balance and inner peace.

As you incorporate these techniques into your daily routine, you will not only cope better with anxiety but also enrich your life with moments of clarity and serenity. See you next time, and remember that all is well!

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