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John Perkins – Financial Hitman. Globalization sells prosperity without talking about the poverty that engulfs the world’s poor countries.

We all know what Globalization is and its innumerable benefits, but few of us really know its consequences, the effects of globalization that no one tells us about.

In this video, John Perkins talks about what Globalization is, how it works and what impact it is having on the world.

Globalization has very good propaganda, there is always good talk about globalization and its innumerable benefits, but the truth is that we know because we do not know how it works from the inside, we do not know what nobody tells us. According to John Perkins there is such a thing as Corporatocracy.

Basically, Corporatocracy refers to the largest and most influential group of companies that control the world based on their economic interest. Perkins describes a system through which financial hit men or “Economic Hits” seek out countries, especially developing countries. They propose external investment in infrastructure. These are indebted to the World Bank or twinned entities. Most of the money does not go to the country but to the contracted companies. When countries are unable to pay, they begin to pressure them with exports of raw materials and other resource and interest exploitation.

A way of operating of these companies squeezing the third world, so that, with the claim of investment and development, they trap and strangle the countries, making that, basically the people and the people who live in those countries not only do not perceive any of that development and prosperity, but remain trapped in a growing poverty.

We see it every day at the borders, we see it at the Strait of Gibraltar. Hundreds of thousands of people leaving countries in debt and ruin.

John Perkins was one of those Financial Hitmen who worked for U.S. government agencies and tells us how globalization shows and sells prosperity and development without talking about the poverty and misery that surrounds the poor countries of the world.

We live in ignorance, we do not know how the world works, we are not aware and it is normal because nobody tells us.

Thank you Holly Johnston for inviting us to reflect with this fantastic video.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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