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Give content to life. In this video, we wanted to reflect on the meaning of life Unlike other living beings, human beings can give content to their lives.

What is the meaning of life, what is the meaning of living if we do not give content, if we do not have a reason to live.

Throughout our lives we set goals that are imposed by our environment, society, family or school. Study, get a degree, get a job, move up, earn money, get married, have a family. These are predefined goals that are supposedly necessary to live in society, but… What is really the meaning of your life?

After being born, you can give it content, as José Mujica says

The meaning of life is not to earn money, it is not to buy things, happiness is not in things outside, it is inside you.

The awakening of consciousness consists, among other things, in realizing that the meaning of life is in living it. Once we awaken our consciousness, we understand that the things that fulfill us, that give meaning to our lives and that make us happy are within us.

Enjoy life with all your senses, enjoy the little things, enjoy nature, as if it were the last time you were going to do it.

The meaning of life is to enjoy one’s own life.

In the words of Pepe Mujica, in a speech at the United Nations, Pepe invites us to reflect on the meaning of life.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up!

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