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In this interview, in addition to overcoming the death of her son Hugo, reyes talks about guilt in the couple.

The loss of a child is a devastating experience that can deeply affect a couple. In the midst of overwhelming grief, it is common for both partners to feel guilty in some way. Guilt may arise from thoughts such as “What if we had done something different?” or “Why couldn’t we protect our child?” In this article, we will explore how to overcome guilt in the couple after the death of a child, and how to move towards healing together.

Open communication and mutual understanding:

Open communication is essential to overcome guilt in a couple. Both members should feel safe to express their feelings of guilt and grief without fear of judgment. Listening to each other and trying to understand each other’s emotions is key to strengthening the connection and finding common ground in the healing process.

2. Recognize that guilt is normal:

It is important to understand that guilt is a common reaction after the loss of a child. Both partners may feel responsible in some way, but it is essential to remember that the tragedy is not the fault of either partner. Recognizing that guilt is a natural emotion will help them deal with it in a healthier way and avoid blaming each other.

3. Work together in the grieving process:

The loss of a child can generate different forms of grief in each partner. It is crucial to support each other during this process. Participating in therapy together or seeking out support groups can be beneficial to both of you, as it will allow you to share your feelings, learn from others, and gain tools for dealing with guilt and grief.

4.Forgive themselves and each other:

Forgiveness is a crucial step on the road to healing guilt in the couple. Both members should work on forgiving themselves and each other for any feelings of guilt or actions that they believe caused or contributed to the loss. Understanding that blame will not change the past and that everyone did the best they could at the time is critical to moving forward and rebuilding the relationship.

5. Cultivate compassion and mutual support:

Compassion and mutual support are fundamental to overcoming guilt in a couple. Both of you must remember that you are going through the same pain and that you are each dealing with your own feelings of guilt. Cultivating compassion for themselves and for each other will allow them to offer each other the support needed to heal.

6. Focus on building a new connection:

After the loss of a child, the couple may feel that their relationship has changed. It is important to recognize that loss can strengthen the connection between the two of you if it is dealt with in a united and compassionate manner. Working together on projects that honor the memory of the deceased child, such as creating a memorial or participating in charitable activities, can help build a new connection based on love, compassion and shared purpose.

7. Establish rituals and moments of remembrance:

Creating rituals and special moments of remembrance can be comforting for the couple. These may include lighting a candle in honor of your son, visiting his final resting place together, or sharing anecdotes and happy memories about him. These rituals will allow you to keep your child’s memory alive and strengthen your connection as you face the guilt together.

8. Seek professional help if necessary:

If guilt and grief become overwhelming and affect the couple’s relationship, it is advisable to seek professional help. A grief and relationship therapist can give you the tools you need to address guilt and grief, and help you rebuild the connection and find healing together.

9. Practice individual and couple self-care:

During the healing process, it is essential that each partner practice individual self-care. This involves taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. At the same time, it is important for the couple to take time to care for each other and strengthen their relationship. You can plan special dates, do activities you enjoy together, or just spend quality time talking and supporting each other.

Overcoming partner guilt after the death of a child is a challenging, but possible process. Open communication, mutual forgiveness, compassion and support are fundamental pillars of healing together. Working through the grieving process together and seeking professional help when necessary will allow you to rebuild the relationship and find a new sense of connection and purpose. Remember that although the loss of a child leaves a deep mark, togetherness and love can prevail on the road to healing.

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