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In the constant search for personal and professional fulfillment, many people find the courage to change their lives, abandon conventional jobs and follow their passions. Javier Peña, already a renowned acrylic artist and founder of the clothing brand Fika & Co, is an inspiring example of someone who made bold decisions to live life according to his intuition and aspirations. In this interview for Wake up, we will explore Javier’s story and his courageous choices to change his life, pursue his passion and find his way to a more authentic life.

The Awakening of the Passion:

Javier Peña, in a moment of introspection, realized that he was spending a large part of his life in a job that did not fulfill him. Although she had security and comfort, she felt that her true passion lies in acrylic art. This epiphany prompted him to make one of the most important decisions of his life: to quit his job and follow his heart.

Embracing Entrepreneurship:

Javier’s path was not an easy one, but his determination and passion for art led him to establish his own brand, Fika & Co. The process of entrepreneurship brings challenges, from creating a solid business plan to managing production and marketing. However, the love for his work kept Javier focused and willing to overcome any obstacle.

Following Intuition:

Javier’s transformation journey was not limited to the professional arena. She also made the difficult decision to leave her partner to follow her intuition and seek a more authentic life. Listening to his inner voice led him to a path of self-knowledge and self-discovery, where he learned to value his own needs and desires.

Lessons Learned:

Javier Peña’s story teaches us several valuable lessons:

  1. Listen to your Passion:

Following what you are truly passionate about can be the engine that drives significant change in your life. In the pursuit of a full and meaningful life, one of the most powerful keys is to follow your passion. When you give yourself to what you are truly passionate about, you can experience a transformational change in various aspects of your life. In this interview, we see how listening to and pursuing your passion can become the engine that drives significant and positive changes in your personal and professional journey.

Discovering the Inner Spark:

Passion is like an inner spark that burns with a unique fervor. Discovering what you are passionate about may require self-exploration and self-awareness. Ask yourself: What activities or interests make me feel most alive? At what point do I lose track of time? These clues will help you identify what really moves you and sparks your creativity.

Inspiration for Change:

When you follow your passion, you experience a deep sense of inspiration. This inspiration can be the catalyst that motivates you to make bold decisions and take steps forward in areas that previously seemed unattainable. Whether it’s changing careers, taking on a new project or exploring hidden talents, passion gives you the energy to face challenges with determination.

Breaking Limiting Barriers:

Following your passion can break down mental barriers that previously limited you. Often, doubts and fears can hinder progress. However, when you immerse yourself in what you love, you find the courage to face these barriers constructively. Challenges become opportunities for growth instead of insurmountable obstacles.

Satisfaction and Fulfillment:

The search for satisfaction and fulfillment in life is a common goal. By pursuing your passion, you experience a unique sense of fulfillment. Each achievement and breakthrough feels more rewarding, as they come from a source of genuine joy and dedication. This inner satisfaction positively influences your emotional and mental well-being.

Innovation and Creativity:

Passion sparks innovation and creativity in ways you never imagined. By focusing on what you are passionate about, your mind opens up to new ideas and solutions. Passion drives you to seek original approaches and to think outside the box, which can have a positive impact on your projects and goals.

2. Coping with Change:

Accepting and embracing change is essential for personal and professional growth. In life’s journey, change is inevitable. Accepting and embracing change is not only essential for personal growth, but also for progress in the professional arena. In this interview with Javier Peña, we realize the importance of facing change with courage and how this attitude can drive significant development in all aspects of your life.

The Nature of Change:

From birth to aging, life is a constant series of changes. While we often desire stability and comfort, it is crucial to recognize that change is the engine of development. Ignoring or resisting change can limit our opportunities and hinder our growth.

Challenging the Comfort Zone:

Embracing change means facing the dreaded territory outside our comfort zone. Comfort can be deceptive, as staying in the familiar can limit our vision and potential. By embracing change, we expose ourselves to new experiences, challenges and learning opportunities that enrich our lives and careers.

Personal Growth Through Change:

Facing personal changes is a door to personal growth. Each challenge and transition presents an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our strengths and areas for improvement. Adaptability allows us to overcome obstacles and develop resilience, which in turn nurtures our confidence and self-esteem.

The Impact on Professional Growth:

In the professional arena, embracing change is fundamental to progress. Markets and technologies evolve rapidly, and those who resist change may be left behind. The willingness to adapt to new ways of working, acquire updated skills and embrace emerging opportunities is what distinguishes leaders in their fields.

Flexibility and Creativity:

Embracing change fosters flexibility and creativity. Facing constantly changing situations requires thinking outside the box and finding unconventional solutions. Adaptability allows us to find hidden opportunities in times of uncertainty and transform challenges into competitive advantages.

  1. Undertake with Determination:

Turning your passion into a business can be challenging, but dedication and commitment can lead to success. Entrepreneurship is an exciting and challenging journey that requires determination and commitment. When you decide to turn your passion into a business, you embark on a path full of opportunities and obstacles. In this interview, we look at how determination and commitment are key ingredients to transform your passion into a successful venture.

The Fusion of Passion and Business:

When you venture into something you love, you are combining passion with entrepreneurial ambition. This unique combination can be a powerful driving force, as it pushes you to do your best in every aspect of your business. Passion provides you with energy and enthusiasm, while entrepreneurial vision guides you towards concrete goals.

Overcoming Initial Challenges:

Starting any business can be challenging. From planning and financing to building a customer base, you will face obstacles that will test your resolve. However, having a deep passion for what you do helps you overcome these initial challenges with resilience and perseverance.

The Importance of Determination:

Determination is the inner strength that allows you to persevere despite difficulties. Ups and downs are a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey, but maintaining a focused and positive mindset allows you to keep going even when the going gets tough. Determination drives you to find creative solutions and to persist until you reach your goals.

Commitment as a Driver of Success:

Commitment is a deep commitment to your vision and goals. When you are committed to your venture, you are willing to invest time, effort and resources to make it grow. Commitment drives you to do what it takes to learn, improve and adapt as your business evolves.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability:

Determined entrepreneurship implies a constant commitment to learning. Being willing to learn new skills, research trends and listen to your customers helps you keep your business relevant and competitive. Adaptability is essential to adjust to changing market demands and circumstances.

  1. Trust in Intuition:

Listening to your intuition and making decisions based on what you feel can lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

In a world full of decisions and paths to choose, intuition presents itself as a valuable internal guide. Listening to and trusting your intuition can lead you to a more authentic and fulfilling life. In the interview, we can appreciate how trusting your intuition can transform your choices and lead you to live more genuinely.

La Voz Interior:

Intuition, often called the “inner voice,” is that gut feeling that tells you whether something is right or wrong. It is an instinctive response that is based on your previous experiences, emotions and subconscious knowledge. By paying attention to your intuition, you tap into an inner source of wisdom that can influence your decisions in a meaningful way.

Living Authentically:

Trust in intuition is essential for living an authentic life. When you make decisions based on what you feel deep inside, you align yourself with your genuine values and desires. This allows you to avoid falling into patterns of conformity or complacency, and instead, choose paths that resonate with your identity and aspirations.

Making Meaningful Decisions:

Intuition can be especially useful when facing significant life decisions. Often, when weighing options, your intuition can point you in the direction that feels most consistent with yourself. This internal guidance can be particularly valuable at times of major change, such as choosing a career, a partner or a new project.

Overcoming Doubt:

Trusting your intuition can help you overcome doubt and indecision. By trusting your intuition, you allow yourself to make decisions with greater conviction, which reduces the anxiety and stress associated with decision making. While it is important to consider objective information, your intuition can provide a deep sense of certainty.

A More Satisfying Life:

When you follow your intuition and make decisions aligned with your true self, you tend to experience greater satisfaction in life. Choices based on intuition lead you down a path that feels right for you, often leading to more rewarding and enriching outcomes. This satisfaction comes from living a life consistent with your values and desires.

  1. The transformative power of pain

Life is full of painful moments that, although difficult, can trigger deep and meaningful change. The story of Javier Peña, who experienced the death of his father, illustrates how traumatic experiences can act as catalysts to rethink our lives and make important changes. In this Wake Up interview, we will explore how trauma can shake us up and motivate us to value what is essential, leading to positive and meaningful transformations.

The Impact of Trauma:

The loss of a loved one, such as a parent, is a profoundly painful experience that can change one’s perspective on life. Trauma can shake our understanding of the world and make us question our priorities. Although difficult, this impact can be a wake-up call to examine our lives and make adjustments that lead us toward a more authentic and meaningful path.

Reflection in the Midst of Pain:

In times of trauma, such as the death of a parent, it is common to reflect on what really matters in life. Priorities that once seemed fundamental may become less relevant compared to family ties, human connections and the search for purpose. This deep reflection can open the door to important changes and decisions that may have seemed unattainable before.

The Push to Action:

The pain and shock may be the impetus to take actions that were previously difficult to contemplate. In Javier Peña’s case, the loss of his father may have led him to question his direction and reevaluate his life. This emotional jolt can provide the motivation you need to pursue your passions, set new goals and embrace opportunities you would have previously passed up.

Searching for Meaning in Adversity:

Experiencing a traumatic loss can lead us to search for meaning in grief. Instead of allowing adversity to consume us, we can channel our energy into finding ways to honor our loved ones and contribute positively to the world. This desire to find a deeper purpose can drive significant changes in our lives.

The Road to Transformation:

Despite the pain, trauma can trigger a powerful transformation. Difficult experiences remind us of the fragility of life and the importance of seizing every moment. As we face our emotions and navigate the grieving process, we can find the strength to forge a path that is more aligned with our aspirations and values.

  1. The importance of therapy

As Javier Peña himself tells us in this interview, life is full of changes, challenges and traumatic experiences that can profoundly affect our mental and emotional health. In times of transition and crisis, seeking support through therapy can be a crucial step in managing change and trauma, awakening greater awareness and catalyzing positive transformations in personal and professional life. In the interview with Javier Peña, we see the importance of therapy as a tool to heal, grow and change lives.

Addressing Change and Trauma:

Life is in constant flux, and change can be a trigger for stress and anxiety. Therapy offers a safe space to address these changes, explore our emotions and develop effective coping strategies. In addition, in cases of past trauma, therapy can help process and heal emotional wounds, allowing a path to recovery and growth.

Awakening Consciousness:

Therapy can act as a mirror that reflects aspects of ourselves that often go unnoticed. Through self-exploration guided by a trained professional, we can uncover patterns of thinking, behaviors and beliefs that influence our decisions and the way we deal with change. This increased awareness empowers us to make decisions that are more conscious and aligned with our values.

Tools for Positive Change:

Therapy provides tools and techniques to address challenges constructively. As you work with a therapist, you learn strategies for managing stress, anxiety and emotional obstacles. These skills are not only valuable for coping with change and trauma, but can also be transferable to other aspects of personal and professional life.

Personal and Professional Transformation:

Seeking therapy can be the starting point for a comprehensive transformation. By healing emotional wounds and overcoming mental blocks, you can free yourself from past burdens and adopt a more positive and open mindset. This transformation can influence your professional life by boosting confidence, creativity and resilience, allowing you to embrace opportunities with courage.

Building Healthy Relationships:

Therapy can also improve your communication skills and interpersonal relationships. As you face your own emotional challenges, you become more empathetic and understanding of others. This is particularly valuable in the work environment and in personal relationships, which can contribute to greater success and satisfaction in both areas.

In conclusion, Javier Peña’s story demonstrates that changing your life, starting a business in what you love and following your intuition are bold but rewarding choices. Her personal and professional transformation reminds us that the path to fulfillment may require courage and sacrifice, but in the end, it can lead to a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Javier’s story is an inspiring testimony of how facing change can unleash unlimited opportunities for growth and authenticity. Thank you Javi for your time and your message.

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