Working with purpose is living with purpose

Doing good for others feels good – Begonya Gasch

Doing good for others is in part doing good for yourself, because by helping others, you are also helping yourself.

Doing good feels good.

This is the message that Begonya Gasch, General Director of Fundació el Llindar, leaves us. Doing good for others is rewarding.

“In part all of us who have done well, we have a responsibility to do good for others, to be supportive, to have a gesture for someone is an action that multiplies.”

Purposeful projects, beyond having an economic benefit, have very positive effects on both the environment and on ourselves.

To have a purposeful job or business is to live with a purpose in life. Working on a purposeful project is rewarding but it is also hard, it consumes a lot of energy. It is important to be in and out, it is important to be available, but it is also important to know how to disconnect, to know how to get in and out to collect yourself and recover energy.

“The effort is worth it, if the project is authentic, you have to see authenticity.”

Some companies are joining the trend of having a business that helps others, that does something for society or for the planet, so it is absolutely essential that the project is authentic and not just a friendly face.

“If we had taken a very economic view, we wouldn’t be here.”

Money is important, especially when it comes to business, but it doesn’t have to come first. It is important that, if we have a business, it is profitable for its survival, from there, feeling motivated, fulfilled and inspired is what makes things work.

With La Pau Restaurant we help young people and adolescents who have been expelled from the system, so that they have a place to learn and to know that they have a place in the world. Supporting those who do not have it easy is important, it can change the lives of many people, but it can also change our own.

Education is a tool to transform the world. Through education, we are planting seeds that will bear fruit in the medium term.

What about you? do you do something for others? Maybe, if you try it, it will do you good.

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