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A Contemporary Look at Spirituality

We could not fail to share this beautiful and revealing documentary piece from SerLibreMente, a platform that gathers, creates and disseminates content for the liberation of the mind.

In a world in constant movement, where the noise of routine threatens to drown out our true voice, a ray of hope and clarity emerges: “Documental Libremente”. This film is presented as a balm for the soul, a cinematographic refuge that invites us to discover our authenticity.

The Voices That Guide Us

Each spiritual figure that makes its appearance in “Libremente” brings with it a universe of wisdom.

  • Sergi Torres: Known for his profound dialogues on the nature of being, Sergi displays in the documentary his ability to connect with the most essential concerns of the human being. His philosophy revolves around the idea that suffering arises from resisting the present.
  • Mooji: Originally from Jamaica and based in Portugal, Mooji is a spiritual teacher who guides people towards self-discovery. His teachings, centered on self-inquiry, encourage us to question our true identity.
  • Astiko: He is a figure that stands out for his therapeutic approach to spirituality. Through meditation and tantra, Astiko takes us on a journey where body and spirit merge in a dance of acceptance.
  • Sesha: Philosopher and writer, Sesha invites us to reflect on advaita thought, a non-dualism that proposes that the individual and the universe are one and the same.

And so, each voice, from Muditosan to Rodrigo Sala, offers a different perspective, enriching the journey of this documentary.


A Couple’s Journey

“Freely” would not be the same without the story of the protagonist couple. Their experiences, their conflicts and their incessant search for meaning become the common thread of the documentary. Through their eyes, the viewer experiences every retreat, every experience and every revelation as if they were their own. This first-person narrative is what allows the audience to connect on a deeply emotional and empathetic level.

Spontaneity as a Hallmark

Beyond the teachings and experiences, what really distinguishes “Libremente Película Documental” is its spontaneity. There are no predefined scripts or staged scenarios. Each moment is authentic and raw, reflecting the reality of the spiritual journey, which is often unpredictable and challenging. It is this authenticity that ensures that each viewer can see his or her own quests and dilemmas reflected on the screen.


The Duality of the Search

The title “Freely” perfectly encapsulates the central paradox of the documentary: the duality of searching and not searching. How can you find what you are looking for if you don’t know what it is? And how can you stop looking if you have not yet found what you are looking for?

This duality manifests itself in various situations throughout the film. Sometimes, it comes in the form of an unexpected question from one of the spirit guides. Other times, it emerges in the contemplative silences during a meditation or in the intimate dialogues between the protagonist couple.

A Contemporary Look at Spirituality

While many documentaries on spirituality opt for an ethereal aesthetic, “Freely” feels fresh and current. Although it addresses universal and timeless themes, the visual treatment, editing and soundtrack make the production especially resonate with contemporary audiences.

Sergi Torres

“Freely Documentary Film” is a cinematic gem that goes beyond entertainment. It is a tool for introspection, a mirror in which each viewer can look at himself and discover himself. At a time in history when many people feel disconnected from their true essence, this documentary comes as a timely reminder that true freedom lies within.

Every retreat, every teaching, every tear shed and every laugh shared in the documentary reminds us that, on the path of self-discovery, we are not alone. And although the answers may not always be clear, the simple act of searching, questioning and feeling brings us one step closer to the authenticity and freedom we all long for.

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