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Discover who you are with the Enneagram

In our constant quest to understand ourselves, we often encounter questions such as “Who am I really?” and “What is my purpose in life?” The answer to these questions may seem elusive, as we are constantly influenced by our experiences, social roles and external expectations. However, according to Margarita Guerra, President of the Enneagram Association of Spain, the personality enneagram is a powerful tool that can help us discover our true essence and reveal the layers behind the character we present to the world.

What is the Personality Enneagram?

The Enneagram of Personality is a typology system that dates back centuries and has been used by various cultures and traditions around the world. Its main focus is to understand the personality patterns and defense mechanisms we use to cope with the world and protect ourselves from our emotional wounds. This system classifies people into nine main personality types, each with unique characteristics and motivations.

The President of the Enneagram Association of Spain, Margarita Guerra, has been a leading advocate of this tool and has carried out research and in-depth studies on the personality enneagram. According to Guerra, the Enneagram provides us with an internal compass that guides us towards self-knowledge and helps us understand our underlying psychology.

Discovering Who We Are:

The Personality Enneagram goes beyond the simple classification of personality types. It invites us to explore and understand the deep motivations and internal dynamics that drive our behaviors. Through this system, we can reveal our virtues, our shadows and the paths to our personal growth.

Each of the nine Enneagram personality types has a basic structure, but also shows different levels of development within each type. This understanding helps us to avoid the rigidity of labels and to recognize that we are constantly evolving and growing.

The path to self-knowledge through the Enneagram requires honesty, self-observation and an open mind. By exploring the thought patterns, emotions and behaviors associated with our personality type, we can identify our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the aspects that limit us or prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Benefits of the Enneagram of Personality:

  1. Deep self-knowledge: The Enneagram gives us a clear vision of our behavioral patterns and helps us understand why we do things a certain way. This awareness is the first step towards personal transformation and growth.
  2. Healthier relationships: By understanding our own personality patterns and those of others, we can develop and cultivate healthier relationships.
  1. Authenticity and self-reflection: The Enneagram helps us to be more authentic by revealing the masks and roles we have adopted to adapt to external expectations. Through self-reflection, we can shed these false identities and connect with our true essence.
  2. Conflict management: By understanding different personality styles and the motivations behind them, we can improve our communication and empathy skills. This allows us to address conflicts more effectively, seeking solutions and understanding the perspectives of others.
  3. Personal development and growth: The Enneagram shows us the paths to personal growth within each personality type. Through conscious work on our areas of improvement, we can free ourselves from limiting thought and behavior patterns and expand our potential.

How to use the Personality Enneagram:

  1. Self-Assessment: Begin by identifying the thought patterns, emotions and behaviors that are characteristic of your personality type. Reflect on how these patterns have affected your relationships and your life in general.
  2. Research and study: Dive into the wide range of resources available on the personality enneagram. Read books, attend workshops or seek guidance from experts in the field to better understand the nine types and how they relate to you.
  3. Teamwork: Discuss your findings with people close to you. Explore how the different personality types interact with each other and how you can leverage this understanding to strengthen your personal and professional relationships.
  4. Seeking support: Consider seeking the help of a coach or therapist specializing in the personality enneagram. They can guide you on your journey of self-discovery and offer practical tools for personal growth.

The Enneagram of Personality, as advocated by Margarita Guerra, is a valuable tool that helps us understand who we are beyond the superficial layers of our personality. Through self-exploration and the study of the nine personality types, we can reveal our motivations, behavioral patterns and areas of personal growth.

By integrating this understanding into our lives, we can live more authentically, cultivate healthier relationships and embark on a path of continuous personal growth and development. The Enneagram of Personality gives us the invaluable gift of self-knowledge and invites us to explore the depths of our being.

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