Death is a state of being

Death is not the end, that is the message and the reflection that Daniel Chumillas invites us to make in this interview.

This is probably the great question of mankind….

What happens when we die? What is there after death? Is death the end of existence?

The human being has never been able to have an accurate answer to these questions, however, science is getting closer and closer to spirituality.

There are increasing indications that point at least to the possibility that death may not be the end.

What if death is not the end of life? What if death is something wonderful and we spend our whole lives in fear of dying?

Daniel Chumillas is a Therapist, Meditation Instructor and Medium and according to him, death is a state of being, a state of consciousness .

Death is only a change, so the relationship with our loved ones does not end, it only changes from the physical plane to the spiritual plane.

Near-death experiences or NDEs tell us that being dead is not synonymous with the end of everything, but describe states and sensations with common patterns and aspects all over the world.

Nobody teaches us how to face death, that is why we live in fear of death, we do not talk about it, we do not know how to deal with it and we do not know how to deal with loss and mourning.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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