The Evolution of Consciousness according to Emilio Carrillo

The Evolution of Consciousness

The transformation of human consciousness has been a recurring theme throughout history, but today, this change takes a new turn with the words of Emilio Carrillo. As an economist, writer and respected professor of spirituality at the University of Barcelona, Carrillo takes us on a journey towards self-knowledge and inner awakening.

The Paradigm Shift: A Revolution of Consciousness We are living in times of change, but not only from a social or political perspective. Beyond these spheres, a true revolution of consciousness is taking place, a change that comes from within. According to Carrillo, this awakening is not related to external movements, but arises from the deep desire to know oneself.

Self-Awareness: The Key to Awakening The current educational system, to a large extent, pushes us towards a life on autopilot, promoting established beliefs and downplaying the importance of critical thinking and introspection. However, self-knowledge emerges as a vital tool for catalyzing genuine change, both in the individual and in society.

Learning from the Ancients: The Basis of Self-Knowledge Many historical figures have already navigated this path of consciousness and have left us valuable legacies. These teachings, written down through generations, serve as guides for those seeking awakening. Before acting, it is essential to learn to undo and free ourselves from that which distracts or harms us, such as certain addictions or excesses in our digital age.

We have lost faith and consistency in many aspects of our lives. Carrillo invites us to reflect on the purpose and meaning of our experiences, to see how they are intrinsically linked to our essence.

The Path to Awakening According to Emilio Carrillo, the true path to reach a higher state of consciousness is through integral self-knowledge: body, mind and spirit. By understanding ourselves in depth, we achieve a genuine awakening.

Conclusion Emilio Carrillo’s words and teachings are a call to introspection and self-knowledge. It is essential that we know ourselves, experiment, trust ourselves and, above all, seek to awaken our consciousness. Only in this way will we be able to live a full life in tune with our true selves.

Thank you Emilio Carrillo for your message and your words. Know yourself, experiment, trust, think for yourself and awaken your consciousness.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

Wake up

Wake up!

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