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Full interview with Ramiro Calle and Joaquín Tamames about the role of the human being in Business and Society Buscador

Charlando con Ramiro is a space offered by Ramiro Calle, in which he interviews a guest. In this first edition, we have the privilege of having Joaquin Tamames, businessman and writer as well as a personal friend of Ramiro Calle.

This is the complete and uncut interview between Ramiro Calle and Joaquín Tamames talking about the code of the mind, only for Search Engine Users. To enjoy it, all you have to do is sign up

Humanizing the company

Keys to humanize companies and improve workplace wellbeing

Companies are living organisms that interact with different agents: workers, customers, suppliers and society in general. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in humanizing companies, a trend that advocates placing people at the center of business management and not only seeking economic profit. How can we humanize companies and improve employee well-being at work? The following are some key points.

Promoting a healthy work environment

  1. A healthy work environment is one that promotes the physical and emotional well-being of workers. This implies having a clean and tidy workspace, adequate temperature, good lighting, ergonomic furniture and spaces for rest and disconnection. Activities that promote emotional well-being, such as meditation, yoga, music or art, can also be encouraged.

Valuing and recognizing the work of employees

A key factor for the humanization of companies is to value and recognize the work of employees. This implies establishing objective and transparent evaluation systems, as well as incentives and rewards that value the effort and performance of workers.

Establish flexible schedules and telecommuting

Work-life balance is fundamental to improving well-being at work. In this sense, companies can promote flexible schedules that allow workers to adapt their working day to their personal needs. Remote work policies can also be implemented, allowing employees to work from home or other locations.

Foster empathy and effective communication.

Effective communication is fundamental to establish relationships of trust and respect among employees. A humanized company should foster empathy and active listening, and promote peaceful and constructive conflict resolution.

To have an ethical and responsible vision

The humanization of companies also implies having an ethical and responsible vision. Companies can adopt policies and measures that reduce their impact on the environment, promote fair trade and establish lasting and fair relationships with their suppliers.

In short, the humanization of companies is a trend that seeks to improve employees’ well-being at work, foster a healthy work environment and establish relationships based on trust and respect. To humanize a company, it is necessary to value and recognize the work of employees, establish flexible schedules and remote work, foster empathy and effective communication, and have an ethical and responsible vision.

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