The more things I buy, the happier I am.

We buy happiness because we believe that buying things will make us happy.

In this interview, Marina Montiel, Marketing Director of the Startup elalquilador talks about the society of having.

Human beings want to be happy, it is everyone’s goal and objective, we all want happiness, but… does anyone really know how to find it?

Shopping is not a bad thing, and in fact it is necessary, we need clothes to wear, small things to eat or beds to sleep in, shopping is a natural thing that, in itself, has no problem. It all depends on where we do things from, or in other words, what we buy for.

We have created consumerist societies that encourage us to buy and that somehow invite us to think and reinforce the belief that having things will make you happy.

The more things I have, the happier I will be.

Buy to be happy.

We spend a lifetime chasing material goods. Buying branded clothes, buying a car, buying a house, somehow, the goal of being happy has become the goal of buying many things.

Give us a rush.

On the other hand, shopping makes us feel good, at least momentarily. The act of buying, adding to the cart, and debuting a new item, is a whole process of exciting sensations, which make us forget our underlying session of discomfort. By shopping we seek that rush of dopamine that temporarily cheers us up.

Society of having.

Another reason why buying has become unhealthy for us is that we associate our value with the value of the things we own. We live in a society of having, you are what you have, so if you have nothing, you are nobody.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is not cured by an expensive handbag or a convertible. We don’t love ourselves we don’t value ourselves and so we have the belief that we will be loved for the things we have and in fact, we come to value others for the things they possess.

Since I’m not worth it, I’ll buy expensive things so that I’ll be worth it.

Have a lot of things.

Living under stress to be able to pay for them, and afraid of losing them is not a life. Think about it, maybe you will realize that, by giving up many of your things, you live more calmly and have more peace.

Make a list of all your needs, most of them do not exist.

Marina talks about the new paradigm in the world of business, sustainable business, living with purpose.

The paradigm is changing, consumption models are different and it is no longer necessary to buy everything you are going to use, especially what you are going to use very little in your life.

Creating sustainable businesses that are compatible with life on the planet is more than a trend, it is a matter of urgency. Not only because of the obvious massive resource consumption and destruction of the environment of the industries.

Working for a company that does things right feels good. Work is important, we spend a lot of our time working and doing it in a place that makes us feel fulfilled makes a big difference in the rest of your life.

Working with purpose is living with purpose

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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