We do not know how to be with ourselves

Do you spend time with yourself?

Being with yourself is not easy.

This is what Nazareth Castellanos, researcher and scientist, tells us in the video.

Being with oneself goes beyond simply being alone. One can be completely alone and yet not spend time with oneself.

To be with yourself means to be aware of yourself, your body, your breathing, your mood, your emotions.

We spend a lot of time alone, but we are not with ourselves, we prefer to be stimulated by a cell phone, a series, or a movie. Anything as long as we don’t look at ourselves, don’t watch ourselves. This is natural and perfectly normal, we don’t like to look inside because it is uncomfortable.

Our brain doesn’t like to look at itself either, according to Nazareth Castellanos, based on different studies. In fact, curiously, when the human being enters an Insonic Capsule prepared to make you listen only and exclusively to the sound of your body, your breathing, or your heart, he/she is not able to last more than 6 minutes, after which he/she loses consciousness.

These studies reveal the importance of observing ourselves in order to know and be aware of ourselves and our environment.

The practice of observation through meditation brings us many benefits, not only at a mental or emotional level, but also at a physical level.

We do not know how to be with ourselves

We find it difficult to be alone and without external stimuli to distract us. It is true that in today’s society we are very used to being connected all the time, either through social networks, text messages, calls, etc. This can generate a feeling of discomfort or even anxiety when we are alone and without distractions.

However, it is important to learn to be with ourselves and to enjoy our own company. This helps us develop the ability to reflect on our emotions, thoughts and actions, which can be very beneficial to our emotional and mental well-being. It also allows us to get to know ourselves better and discover our strengths and weaknesses.

To learn to be with ourselves, it is advisable to dedicate time to activities that we enjoy and that allow us to connect with our emotions and thoughts, such as meditation, reading, art, physical exercise, among others. It is also important to learn to enjoy moments of solitude and silence, without the need to be always connected to electronic devices.

Being alone

Being alone does not necessarily mean being in the company of oneself. Sometimes we can be physically alone, but have our minds so busy with worries, distractions or negative thoughts that we are not really present in the moment. In this case, we are not spending quality time with ourselves, as we are not really connected with our emotions and thoughts.

It is important not only to take time to be alone, but also to be aware and present in the moment. This means taking the time to reflect and connect with our emotions and thoughts, rather than constantly distracting ourselves with activities or electronic devices. In this way, we can make the most of the time we spend with ourselves and reap the benefits of being connected to ourselves.

Observe yourself, know yourself, and be aware

Wake up

Wake up!

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up

Wake up!

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