Back to being Human – John Trudell

We have forgotten to be human – John Trudell

We must go back to being Human again, this is the message that John Trudell leaves us.

Jhon Trudell was a Native American author, poet, actor, musician and political activist. In this video he talks about the reflection about the human being. It seems that the human being has forgotten how it is to be and behave as a Human Being, understanding this as one more species, living integrated in the planet and in the ecosystem, not outside of it, not above it, respecting and living in harmony with Nature.

We live in increasingly complex societies, fast-paced and technological societies that put us into rhythms of life that disconnect us from ourselves and from nature.

We live on autopilot, without direction or purpose. Society, the education system, governments and industries keep us hypnotized, overriding our ability to think for ourselves.

In 2005, Jhon Trudell left us this interesting reflection on how we do not participate in reality as human beings, but as oppressed beings, from a perspective of victimhood, insecurity and fear.

We do not think like human beings because we have lost our identity as such.

All this repression, all this noise, all this emotional distortion and spiritual absence does not allow us to use our intelligence. Thinking clearly and coherently becomes a very complicated task.

We don’t think outside the box because we don’t think for ourselves. We do not know ourselves and are not even aware of our own abilities and potential.

This world, this society devalues us and makes us live in fear, so we must know ourselves to be aware, understand ourselves, understand our environment and learn to love and think for ourselves.

Surely there is no revolutionary solution, but an evolutionary one. A coherent and sensible solution, not from emotion and reaction, but from the change in oneself.

VIDEO ARTIST: Holly Johnston. Thank you Holly for this video and giving us the possibility to reflect and open our minds a little more.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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