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In this interview, Xosé Gabriel and Alejandro Guerra talk about the essence of the human being, founder of Wake up.

In the recent “Wake Up” interview conducted by Alejandro Guerra, founder of Wake Up, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in a fascinating conversation with Xosé Gabriel Vázquez, “University Professor and Disseminator”, “Doctor in Sociology and Social Psychologist”, and author of the powerful book “Existential Guide for (the) Human Being”. In this in-depth dialogue, Xosé and Alex explore crucial themes such as self-knowledge and human identity.

Awakening to the Truth Within

Xosé Gabriel Vázquez, known for his holistic approach, maintains that the essence of the human being goes beyond superficial labels. According to him, we are an amalgam of body, spirit and mind. In the interview, Xosé invites us to awaken to this inner truth, to explore beyond the external layers that often limit us.

The Journey of Self-Knowledge

One of the central themes of the conversation is self-knowledge. Xosé stresses the importance of looking inward and understanding our true nature. In a world full of external distractions, he suggests that the journey toward self-knowledge is essential for a full and meaningful life.

Holistic Identity: Body, Spirit and Mind

Xosé Gabriel Vázquez challenges the conventional conception of identity by proposing that we are much more than the sum of our individual parts. In his holistic vision, human identity is composed of three interconnected dimensions: body, spirit and mind. This holistic approach emphasizes the importance of balancing these aspects to achieve inner harmony.

The Book that Guides Awakening

During the interview, Xosé shares valuable insights from his book “Existential Guide for (the) Human Being”. This work is presented as a compass for those who seek a greater understanding of themselves and the purpose of existence. The book is not only a guide, but a transformative tool for those who are ready to embark on the journey of self-discovery.

Challenges of Modernity

Xosé and Alex also address the challenges of modern life, where speed and external demands often divert people from their inner quest. Disconnection with the true essence, according to Xosé, can generate imbalances and challenges in the search for meaning.

Conclusion: Awakening to a Fuller Life

In conclusion, the “Wake Up” interview with Xosé Gabriel Vázquez invites us to wake up to the essence of our existence. Exploring holistic identity and embarking on the journey of self-knowledge is presented as a path to a fuller and more meaningful life. The book “Existential Guide for (the) Human Being” acts as a guiding light on this journey, providing insights and perspectives that awaken the true essence of the human being. Are you ready to wake up to your true self? The full interview and book provide the perfect starting point.

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