Awakening Consciousness – Suzanne Powell

Awakening of consciousness by Suzanne Powell


Dear Suzanne

Consciousness is a journey, a process that is not homogeneous for everyone. However, the lessons we learn along the way can be universal. A living testimony to this was Suzanne Powell, whose awakening of consciousness serves as a light to many.

Suzanne Powell’s Journey:

Suzanne Powell shared with us in an emotional video her personal journey towards the awakening of consciousness. His story highlights moments that gave him a unique perspective on life:

Recognition of Mortality: Suzanne’s illness confronted her with the fragility of life, reminding us to live each moment to the fullest, as the future is not guaranteed.

2. The Impact of Loss: The death of her partner was a turning point that prompted her to reflect on the purpose and meaning of life.

3. The Power of Thoughts: Suzanne understood the influence of our thoughts on our emotions and actions. He highlighted the importance of being aware of our ideas and how they shape our reality.

4. Society and its Impact: Our society, from formal education to the media, plays a crucial role in how we perceive and act. It is essential to recognize this influence in order to live in the present, rather than constantly worrying about an uncertain future.

5. Leaving Behind the Constructed Character: Throughout our lives, we put on a ‘character’ based on experiences and traumas. Suzanne emphasized the importance of recognizing and overcoming these self-imposed roles.

6. A Comprehensive View of Health: Beyond conventional medicine, it is vital to consider emotional and mental well-being in our overall health.

7. Fundamental Life Values: Suzanne made it clear that the most precious things are not material goods, but emotional connections, love and inner peace.


The awakening of consciousness is a journey of self-discovery. Through Suzanne Powell’s story, we hope you will find inspiration and perspective for your own journey towards a more conscious and fulfilling life.

We fondly remember Suzanne Powell and are grateful for the lessons she left us. D.E.P.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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