To look inside is to look in the garbage can.

Accept yourself

Accept yourself, accept your shadow, it is part of you, this is the message that Mario Alonso Puig leaves us.

Knowing our shadow, knowing our mind, knowing our ego is not easy, but it is key to know and accept ourselves.

Knowing oneself requires courage and willpower because when we look inside ourselves, we find things about ourselves that we don’t like. Identifying them, observing them without judging in order to accept them is the first step towards self-esteem and self-respect.

We all have garbage inside, it’s normal.

We must know ourselves in order to accept ourselves and then love ourselves. We must start from the premise that we are all different and that being normal is not possible, it is a belief that only makes us not want to see ourselves as we are and even reject aspects of ourselves. If we understand this, then we can accept our shadow to embrace it.

Our features are what make us different and although imperfections are frowned upon by society, we must realize that they are there and that they are not necessarily a bad thing, on the contrary, they have their meaning and origin and can be beautiful.

The awakening of consciousness gives us a different look at ourselves and our environment, to understand and be aware of how we are, how we think, how we feel and how we act.

To accept ourselves, to accept our shadow is to understand and know ourselves, and it is the first step to get out of low self-esteem and to feel self-love. We hope this reflection by Mario Alonso Puig will make you think for yourself.

Accept yourself, accept your shadow, embrace it, know yourself, look inside and accept yourself, accept your virtues and your defects to love yourself.

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