In the vastness of the digital age, where knowledge is at the click of a button, true wisdom remains elusive. However, this treasure is often hidden in the most unsuspected places, waiting to be discovered. In this article, we will unravel the concept of wisdom, exploring from the profound reflections of Mike Tyson to the revolutionary Wake Up platform.

Mike Tyson: The Introspective Warrior

Talk of Mike Tyson usually conjures up images of a formidable boxer, dominating the ring with unparalleled ferocity. Behind that facade, however, in an interview with celebrated actor William Shatner, Tyson revealed an unknown dimension of himself.

He admitted that he cried before every fight. The reason for these tears was not fear of the opponent, but disdain for the violent and envious character he had to adopt in the ring. This character, although essential to his career, was in profound contrast to his true self.

Tyson’s confession is more than just a boxer’s anecdote. It is a reflection of the constant role-playing we all do in our daily lives. While Mike Tyson is not known for being a philosophical thinker, his insight provides us with a profound perspective: we all, in some way, wear masks. We all build and hide behind characters to face different aspects of our lives.


Mike Tyson and the EGO, a very valuable reflection

In our exploration of wisdom and self-knowledge, it is essential to address the phenomenon of the EGO. For this, we can take a look at Mike Tyson’s candid account in his interview with William Shatner. While Tyson is known for his prowess in the ring, what he shares outside the ring gives us unparalleled insight into the internal struggle we all face with our EGO.

Tyson, in his talk, acknowledges his constant confrontation with his EGO. This EGO, which led him to adopt a fierce and combative personality in the ring, is the same one that made him shed tears before every fight. Here, Tyson alludes not only to the pressure of boxing, but to a deeper confrontation with his inner self.

Tyson’s struggle with his EGO is an amplified representation of what many of us experience on a daily basis. The EGO is that inner voice that pushes us to stand out, to defend ourselves, sometimes even at the expense of others. He is an advocate, a protector, but he can also be a dictator if left unchecked.

Tyson, with his confession, underlines a fundamental truth: the EGO never disappears completely. It is, in fact, an integral part of who we are. It is that force that gives us a sense of identity, separates us and, at the same time, connects us with others. The challenge is not to eradicate the EGO, but to understand it, accept it and learn to balance it.

Mike Tyson, despite his achievements and fame, shows us that no one is immune to the whims of the EGO. However, it also teaches us that recognizing its presence and learning to navigate it is an essential key to self-knowledge and authentic wisdom.

Tyson’s sincerity invites us to reflect on our relationship with our own EGO. It is not an enemy to be defeated, but rather a part of us with which we must learn to live in harmony. In the conscious interaction with our EGO, we discover not only who we are, but also how we can grow and evolve towards our best version.

Eternal learning: Humility and self-knowledge

True wisdom is not measured by the amount of information we accumulate, but by our ability to recognize how little we really know. We live in an infinitely complex world, and every interaction, every experience, can offer us a lesson.

The proverb “We can learn from everything and everyone” is more relevant than ever. Whether it’s the daily interaction with a co-worker, reading a book or a casual chat in a coffee shop, the learning opportunities are endless. True wisdom resides in the one who, with humility, recognizes that there is always something more to discover, to understand.

Gurus, authors and the authenticity dilemma

The world of self-knowledge and personal development has seen the emergence of a multitude of gurus, mentors and authors. Each promises to be the key to understanding and enlightenment. However, it is essential to discern between those who simply repeat words and those who speak from experience and authenticity.

True wisdom is not found in grandiloquent words or empty promises. It is manifested in those who share from honesty, humility and, above all, from their own lived experience. It is crucial to remember that, while anyone can offer knowledge, few are those who exude genuine wisdom.

Wake Up: Redefining the Quest for Wisdom

In the midst of this landscape, Wake Up emerges as a beacon for those thirsty for authenticity. This content platform does not focus on looking for gurus or infallible figures, they are not the main thing for us. Instead, we value and give visibility to authentic wisdom.

Through interviews with people from diverse fields, subjects, genders, races and statuses, Wake Up seeks to capture the lessons that life, in its infinite diversity, has to offer. It is a space that celebrates wisdom in all its forms, recognizing that life experiences, more than any dogma, are the cradle of true knowledge.

At Wake Up, every story, every reflection, is an opportunity to learn and grow. It is a reminder that we need not look for gurus on lofty pedestals, as genuine wisdom is often found in the everyday stories of ordinary people.

Wisdom in the digital age

We live in an age where access to information is unparalleled. However, in this avalanche of data, true wisdom remains a precious and rare commodity. Whether in the introspective words of a boxer like Mike Tyson or in the varied voices echoing on platforms like Wake Up, wisdom can be found in the most unlikely corners.

The journey towards self-knowledge and wisdom is an endless road, full of discoveries and revelations. On this journey, humility is our best companion, reminding us that there is always more to learn and that true wisdom is, in fact, everywhere.

Enjoy the excerpt of this interview from Mike Tyson’s Youtube channel and comment with us if you agree.



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