In our daily lives, we tend to cling to an image of ourselves that we have built up over time. This image is based on our upbringing, experiences, traumas and a myriad of beliefs and factors that have shaped our perception of ourselves. However, if we stop for a moment and reflect, we may discover that this mental picture may be biased and limited. Opening our minds and observing ourselves without judgment can be the first step towards true self-knowledge.

1. The construction of identity

From the moment we are born, we begin to be influenced by our environment and the people around us. Our upbringing, family and cultural values, as well as our personal experiences, begin to shape our identity. As we grow up, we develop an image of ourselves based on these factors and how we believe others see us. This image becomes the basis of our identity, but is it really who we are?

2. The influence of biases

As we build our identity, we inevitably face biases and prejudices that can distort our perception of ourselves. These biases can stem from our past experiences, such as traumas or failures, as well as from social and cultural expectations. These biases limit us and prevent us from seeing beyond the image we have constructed, preventing us from discovering our true essence.

3. The importance of opening the mind

To begin to truly know ourselves, it is essential to open our minds and question our beliefs and assumptions about ourselves. We must give ourselves the opportunity to observe ourselves without judgment and explore who we are beyond the superficial layers of our constructed identity. This requires courage and willingness to face our fears and challenge external expectations.

4. The path to self-knowledge

Self-knowledge is a continuous and deep process. To embark on this journey, we can use tools such as meditation, mindfulness and personal reflection. These practices help us connect with our inner self and discover our true passions, values and strengths. By letting go of external judgments and expectations, we open ourselves to the possibility of finding our most authentic essence.

5. The benefits of self-knowledge

Self-knowledge has numerous benefits for our lives. It allows us to make decisions that are more aligned with our values and needs, improves our interpersonal relationships by being more authentic and empathetic, and gives us a greater sense of peace and fulfillment. By knowing who we really are, we free ourselves from the burden of maintaining a false image and open space for personal growth and transformation. In addition, self-knowledge helps us to overcome obstacles and challenges, because by understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we can make the most of our abilities and work on areas that need improvement.

6. The journey to authenticity

The process of discovering who we really are and living authentically can be exciting but also challenging. It requires courage to face our ingrained beliefs and free ourselves from external expectations. However, each step we take on this path brings us closer to fulfillment and self-realization.

7. Practicing self-discovery through yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are practices that can be powerful tools in our journey of self-discovery. Yoga invites us to connect with our body and our breath, and through asanas (postures) we can explore our inner strength and flexibility. Meditation, on the other hand, helps us to calm the mind and observe our thoughts and emotions without identifying with them, allowing us to separate ourselves from the constructed mental image and connect with our true essence.

In short, the mental image we have constructed of ourselves is influenced by multiple factors and biases, and can limit our perception of who we really are. Opening our mind and observing ourselves without judgment is the first step towards true self-knowledge and liberation from a biased identity. Through practices such as yoga and meditation, we can deepen our inner self and discover our authentic essence. In doing so, we open ourselves to the possibility of living a fuller life, aligned with our values and in harmony with the world around us.


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