War is one of the most harrowing and enigmatic experiences facing humanity. Often, it is seen as a series of events where young people with no prior grievances against each other are drawn into a deadly conflict, while those who actually foment the hatred and make the decisions remain safe and away from the front lines. A powerful quote that encapsulates this thought comes to us from an unexpected source: Erich Hartmann, a Nazi fighter pilot in World War II.

Hartmann, known as the “Black Devil” among his Soviet adversaries, is paradoxically the author of these thought-provoking words. Behind his almost angelic appearance, Hartmann was responsible for shooting down 347 Soviet and 7 U.S. aircraft. Although there is no exact figure, it is estimated that he may have caused the death of more than 300 young men, men who, like him, were following orders.

La ironía de este mundo se hace evidente cuando consideramos que Hartmann, a pesar de sus acciones en el campo de batalla, era capaz de una introspección profunda sobre la naturaleza del conflicto humano. Las palabras de Hartmann nos llevan a reflexionar sobre cómo, a menudo, actuamos bajo creencias que no son realmente nuestras, sino que han sido implantadas en nosotros. Estas creencias pueden estar relacionadas con la pertenencia a un partido político, una región geográfica, un color de piel, un idioma o incluso una deidad.

¿Qué nos impulsa a actuar de manera tan decisiva, incluso mortal, sobre estas creencias? En muchos casos, son los poderosos mecanismos de manipulación mediática, política y social que nos llevan a ver el mundo a través de una lente distorsionada. En lugar de ver la humanidad en su complejidad y belleza, nos enfocamos en diferencias superficiales, olvidando que en el fondo, todos compartimos aspiraciones y miedos similares.

It is essential that, as individuals, we constantly question our beliefs and avoid falling into dogmatic thinking. Only through introspection and understanding can we hope to overcome the prejudices and divisions that separate us.

Today, concepts such as judging someone by the color of their skin may seem absurd to many, but they remain ingrained in the collective psyche of millions. And while the extremism of Nazi Germany may seem distant, prejudice and division still persist in our modern societies.

In closing, we invite you to watch a video that expands on these reflections and puts into perspective the role of war and conflict in human history. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this very relevant topic. Please share your opinions with us.

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