Are you capable of changing Society?

Asking it this way, it seems an almost impossible task. Right?

How to start the change for a more conscious world, a healthier society, a less hostile environment, a healthier planet. How can I, who am just one person, change the whole of society?

It seems complicated or even impossible, so the mind immediately invites us to abandon the task, and it may even serve as an excuse for not doing anything. If you are at this point, you should know that it is just a matter of focus.

As Jiddu Krishnamurti says in the video, the key is to understand that each one of us is society, because we are part of it.

If you change yourself, you change society, because you are society.

Therefore, before embarking on major changes in society, the first thing to do is, as Krishnamurti says, “put your house in order”. You don’t need to go to achieve great feats, nor great changes in the system, you just have to start with yourself, because if you change yourself, you are changing society, because you are society.

To begin to put your house in order is to begin to know yourself. Knowing yourself and waking up to realize how you function and how your environment functions.

By starting the change in you, you will start to change society and with your example, without even realizing it, you will start to make others start to change as well. If we are just a few, we will become a few hundred, a few thousand and maybe who knows, an important part of society.

If you, me and everyone reading this article, put our house in order, we will have created a new society.

Be aware, the change is in you.

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