You take away your discomfort with food, and it’s something natural that we do without realizing it. Although we are not conscious, we are moved by sensations.

One sensation to cover up another

Some sensations such as Sadness, Guilt or Frustration are unpleasant and we look for a way to stop feeling them, looking for another pleasant sensation that makes us forget the first one.

Anxiety and stress are very common in today’s society. We don’t know why, but suddenly we have the need to do something, eat something, drink something or smoke something. Your brain looks for a sensation that makes you stop feeling something else, that’s why, without realizing it, you are suddenly eating, drinking or doing something stronger, having sex, consuming alcohol or drugs.

It is not a conscious decision made by you, but your brain sets you to search for stimuli without you realizing it.

If you think about it, if you realize it, most of the time when you see yourself eating something, it is not because of hunger, but because of emotional discomfort. Realize for a second before you go to the fridge and feel where that impulse is coming from. If you pay attention to your stomach, if you observe it and “ask” it if it is hungry, you will find that your stomach’s answer is that it is full, and that there is no need for food behind that impulse. This occurs because the need is not nutritional, it is not from the stomach, it is mental. Just by understanding this, you’ll get some of that anxiety of wanting to eat a tray of cakes.

Accustoming our brain to relieve a discomfort or unpleasant sensation with food, will cause that every time you are in an unpleasant situation, your brain will send you an impulse to eat. We use it to relieve a sensation in an artificial way, instead of going through it or healing it.

In part, this explains the saying that obesity is the disease of developed countries.

Developed countries, with more complex societies and more stressed, frustrated, or depressed populations, addicted to stimuli.

If you want to see this topic in depth, we recommend you to watch this video by Marian Rojas Estapé, the Doctor explains why we are addicted to sensations.

You cover your discomfort with food, you anesthetize your feelings, it’s normal, it’s not about blaming yourself for it, it’s about being aware.

Don’t believe anything, experience it for yourself.

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