Time goes by, life goes by and one asks oneself questions… How much importance do I give to my physique? What about my partner’s? What about the people around me? We live in a body, a container, what matters and what is valuable is inside.

This video gives us some perspective on the passage of time. We live in a society that values you for your physical appearance. It seems that nowadays, if you want to be accepted or valued by others, you need to have a nice body, abs, lots of hair on your head, and full lips.

These are good times for the beauty and surgery industry.

The human being is a social animal, we all seek to be valued by others, it is natural, the problems come when we put our value exclusively on the outside, on the outward appearance. We value ourselves and others by a physical appearance, and we value this above all else.

The gyms are full, and not exactly for health.

If we give value to something ephemeral and fleeting, frustration is assured, since evidently, as we see in the video, nothing lasts forever and the canons of beauty or physical appearance can not be maintained over time, so that by the time your physical appearance does not comply with these canons, then you will believe that you are not worth and that no one will value you.

Think about it, be aware and think for yourself.

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