Videos of kittens, acrobatics, falls, fights, cars, sexy women, attractive men… Anything will do to entertain us, and that doesn’t sound alarming in principle.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is, as for almost everything in life, the moment a human being starts to do something without any order, measure and balance, it can become something harmful for us, especially if we are talking about immature people, that is, people that if they have to choose between what appears to them and what is good for them, they will always choose the former.

We are not talking about young minors, at least not only them, more than 85% of the users use social networks, which represents a large part of the population, in Spain in particular, there are more than 25 million inhabitants between 16 and 65 years old.

Both technology and social networks can be a very good thing, which serves to communicate, entertain, inform, entertain us, but in more and more cases, it becomes addictive and unhealthy(here you can see the addictive effects).

The problem is not only the amount of time we spend on them (between 1 and 4 hours a day depending on the country), but also how we spend that time.

Beyond entertainment, social networks show unreal lives, lives that apparently may seem “perfect” to our way of seeing happiness, i.e. lives of people with money, expensive cars, perfect bodies, etc., something totally normal and understandable since we live in a consumerist society that pushes us to think that way.

On the other hand, the problem lies in the effects this has on us since, especially in the younger ones, seeing the lives of others, what others have and you don’t, the cars you can’t buy, the women you can’t have, the men you think you deserve, generates permanent discomfort and frustration. We spend hours and hours watching this type of fictitious content that undermines our self-esteem.

This daily practice keeps us out of the here and now, that is to say, time passes us by, the present passes us by, life passes us by imagining lives that we believe are unattainable.

We live frustrated, watching other people’s lives and with our asses sitting on a couch, directly affecting our self-esteem.

How long are you going to stay watching Reels, Videos, Shorts and Tik Toks today?

How much time are you going to spend looking at other people’s lives, looking at the life you don’t have, the things you don’t do, the cars you can’t buy, the sexy women you think will make you happy, the elegant men you think you deserve, to realize, this time is your life and you’re not living it?

Technology is changing the world, but this is not something new, in fact it has always been the case. Throughout history, new technological advances have been made in the

Be Conscious, turn off your cell phone, and wake up.

In this other video you can see how social networks areaffecting young people .


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