We demand too much of ourselves. We force ourselves to represent a very perfect and shiny image of ourselves, that is, very unrealistic.

Since perfection does not exist, we spend our lives chasing something that does not exist, and since it does not exist, we will never reach it, therefore, frustration and suffering are predicted and have no limit.

We do not know ourselves, nor are we aware of what makes us happy, so we take as valid what society, movies, or the internet tells us that makes us happy. Having a career, a perfect body, a well-paid job that gives us status, a big house, a luxury car, lots of money and a fashionable dog. All these things with material or aesthetic objectives, alien to us.

Throughout life we are influenced by an environment that gives us the message that, if we do not have all these things, we cannot be happy, and by listening to it so much, it becomes an ingrained belief in us, a belief that we are capable of anything, but that even in our own, we have not experienced it, so that we are not able to be happy. we ignore that, having all the material things and achieving all the goals set by society, we will not be happy, we will not be happy.

It is never enough, the bag is never exclusive enough, nor the car is never big enough, that’s why that stage of happiness never arrives.

While we try to get to a place that is not coherent, we spend our lives suffering, and while we don’t get there, we spend our lives frustrated by screwing others.

Knowing yourself, looking inside yourself and being aware is the key to discovering what makes you happy, building a realistic and feasible scenario, maybe if you do, you will realize that you have already reached it, then you will feel full and happy.

These are the words of Sergi Torres, in this video that we invite you to watch below.

Do not believe anything you have just read, experience it for yourself and wake up.


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