Have you ever stopped to think why you do what you do?

We live in a world where being “Successful in life” is related to making lots of money, having lots of material possessions, houses, cars and expensive clothes. Somehow, we have the belief that “Being Happy” is having things, what they call the Culture of Having.

We do not stop to think about what we do and why we really do it, we let ourselves be carried away by comments and ideas from our environment and society, which condition us and keep us trapped in terrible spirals in search of economic and material “success”, without even thinking about what we do and for what purpose.

  • When I have a career I will be happy…
  • When I have a good job I will be happy….
  • When I have a good salary I’ll be happy…
  • as soon as I buy a house I will be happy…
  • when I have a good car I will be happy….

Sound familiar? If so, perhaps you should stop and think for a moment.

This brief story of the American tourist and the fisherman makes us reflect on what we do and what we do it for. We live under stress chasing material and economic goals, which will allow us to enjoy time, hobbies, family and friends tomorrow.

We mortgage a lifetime of stress, discomfort and frustration by pursuing goals that we believe will make us happy, we believe we will have a successful life, to try to enjoy the later years. Does this make any sense?

The purpose of life is to live it, not to accumulate things and money for tomorrow, a tomorrow that is not assured for anyone. We leave our physical and mental health by the wayside, forgetting that the purpose of life is precisely that, to live it.

Are you enjoying your life?

Do not believe what you have just read, experience it for yourself.

Wake up

Wake up!


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